Automate, Delegate & Empower

An approach to scaling ourselves

By: Santosh Sankar

I was on a call with one of our founders this morning discussing our monthly goals. Like all startups, this founder went through a period of turbulence only to say “December was one of the best months I have ever had.” He proceed to explain how impactful the recent leadership hires we made were. It allowed him to regain headspace, focus on the CEO role, and drive better business outcomes.

I think a big issue facing a solo founders or even pairs and trios is the inability to scale themselves. Heck, I face this everyday and think about it as such.

  1. Automate the mundane and routine tasks. Technology has come to a point where many functions can be handled by a computer. If you find yourself doing something repetitively and that’s time consuming as a founder, you probably are misusing your time. For example, we use to manage our calendar for us.

  2. There’s then the tasks that can’t be automated. These should be delegated to folks better suited to handle them. This is where getting functional expertise and leadership can help founders grow exponentially. Tasks that might involve data digging, deep dives, etc is a great way to develop junior talent.

  3. As people get hired, it is important to make sure they are empowered to capitalize on opportunity. I was talking to a friend about culture and how it is important for employees to know that they are trusted and that they should take action to solve problems and capture opportunity. It’s worse to ignore it, wait around for orders, or worse, whine.

The reality is as a cofounder, we aren’t everywhere that opportunity is. We aren’t great at everything nor does make sense for us to do everything — automate, delegate, and empower.