Our Evolution

Positioning ourselves to better serve founders.

By: Santosh Sankar

Dynamo has been an amazing journey to date. We’ve had a huge impact to date on the founders we’ve worked with and that’s in no small part thanks to our various stakeholders: founders, limited partners, corporates, mentors, co-investors, and more. We have been reviewing our operations and have several key updates to share —

We’ve developed a statement to encapsulate our approach and understanding that people are the fundamental unit of any organization. Extraordinary founding teams have the ability to identify the needs of their end markets, build market-changing products, and efficiently distribute them. We look for founders who are contrarian in thought, complementary in skill set, tenacious in approach, audacious with goals, and execution focused. We support founders not only through investment, but also with hands-on problem solving, relevant advice, and our extensive network.

Similarly, we’re focusing on capturing the entire commerce opportunity with a bias to supply chain and transportation. Our investing activities tend to focus on early stage technology businesses that have the potential to transform commerce with a concentration in what we dub “logistics technology” that encompasses supply chain and transportation.

Join the Dynamo family as our first Associate Investor. As a result of our evolution, we’re hiring a hungry, well-rounded individual to join us. The Associate Investor at Dynamo will join a small, nimble team of operators and investors. The individual will have a rare opportunity to learn the inner workings of a venture fund, help make impactful investments, and grow their personal brand. She/he will be able to assume responsibility of key functions and be able to grow their career with our team. If you’re interested, please email santosh@dynamo.vc and include your LinkedIn profile. If you’re able to get a warm introduction to Santosh, Ted, Barry, Allan, or Jon, we strongly encourage it. We understand the best team members come from our networks (just like investor opportunities). We’ll reach out if we want to dig in.

Something exciting to be announced in 2H 2017. We have now concluded two accelerator programs and our seed fund is one of the leading funds focused on the #logisticstech domain. To expand the broader impact for Dynamo’s many stakeholders, we are gearing up to announce something very exciting and special during the latter half of this year. This will be the natural evolution of our cohort-based program.

We look forward to continue supporting extraordinary founding teams, serving our LPs, collaborating with forward-thinking corporates, and being best-in-class early stage investors.