Micro VC Portfolio Plans

Drawing inspiration from OKRs

Dynamo concluded it’s first full year of operations. It was a year we evolved as a firm, adopted key operational tools, and built good habits. One of those habits was a portfolio plan for all of our portfolio companies. While we obviously try to spend time with all of our companies, like any other fund, our attention is skewed to where we maintain substantial ownership and have portfolio exposure. Strategic planning tends to happen about 4 months prior to year-end and honed into the early weeks of the year.

Example in Trello

We ask our founders to share their 2018 goals which we turn into Objectives. As added fire power for our founders and management teams, each action we take must accrue to these broader overarching goals. We then clearly define Key Results — what will we do to drive the Objective? We refine the Key Results with our portfolio companies to make sure we are on the same page. This allows our team (that loves lists) to very clearly execute against goals.

One additional point to note is that we flag activities we think might be important to focus attention on but are gone un-captured in company plans. We communicate these early as they are often times related to the plan for the current year.

We think this light-weight approach will work well for us as it mobilizes around executing against results. It also allows us to evolve as priorities change through the year.